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Photographer Paola Ismene - Habitare

Photographer Paola Ismene - Habitare

Photographer Paola Ismene - Habitare

I am, I exist in the totality of the space and time.
I inhabit the present, I walk, I breathe. Remote, I observe.

I inhabit my skin, every sensation.
I recognize every part of my body, the only thing that I possess. We coexist.
I approve and repudiate it. I leave it and come back to it.

I inhabit my mind, absorbed in my thoughts.
I imagine situations that never happened.

I inhabit my room, where I dream and create.
I reside in worlds where I am what I desire.

I inhabit my house, I perceive every corner, every entrance of light.
I contemplate the melancholy, the memories.

I inhabit the solitude, my comfort zone.
I hide in my shell where nobody hurts me, where I control everything.

I inhabit the sadness of the past, the hatred, the blame, the resentment.
Pain invades me. I cry, I deny.

I inhabit my fears, they gnaw me.
I think, I overthink. I explode.
I start over and over again.

I inhabit the water. I float, I sink to the deepest.
I explore the sky in the highest, I collapse and return.
I always return.

I inhabit the day and the night, the light and the darkest.
I smell the nature, the silence, the stillness.

I inhabit new roads, existing places. I immerse myself in all its colors and details.
I occupy the planet as one more human, a point in the infinity of the universe.

I inhabit the anxiety of the future. My dreams are fulfilled, also my worst nightmares.
I experience the shared uncertainty of our existence.

I inhabit what I am, what I was and what I will be.
I play to freedom. I look out, I feel the air, the happiness, the peace.
I’ve never left, I’ve always been in the same place.

Ⓒ Paola Ismene 2019