Cycles repeat a sequence of operations based on certain characteristics. The instructions are repeated while a certain condition is met, until it ceases to be performed.”



Paola Ismene

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Photographer Paola Ismene - Habitare

Photographer Paola Ismene - Habitare

Photographer Paola Ismene - Habitare

As a child I spent a lot of time alone. My childhood was marked by affective deficiencies and a lack of explanation of the incidents that happened around me. I learned to understand my daily experiences between assumptions and interpretations, without interaction with the environment, which generated a self-inflicted overprotection and a sense of abandonment.

“Habitare” reflects the imaginary that I have built with my cyclic thoughts, in an attempt to identify the addictive mental processes which I experience. By materializing it through the image I seek to originate a break that allows me to escape from my behavior patterns and finally transcend the feeling of helplessness.

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