False awakening









Because of family circumstances my body learned to react with anxiety and panic opposite the well- being sensation as a defense method. When I made conscious this behavior pattern, I realized this imbalance was particularly manifested in my dreams. So I started writing them in a personal diary in order to analyze them and find some sort of meaning.

Based on the diary, I create these scenes with the most recurring items, mixing the everyday, the oneiric and the imaginary. I visually capture my dreams as a way to externalize my mental and emotional states. I use this other reality as a trigger to delve into my unconscious and show me through it.

Dreams are an essential medium for introspection and self-discovery. With this project I look for the viewer to feel identified either as a mirror where it recognizes and appropriates the scenes, or entice to pay attention and meditate on its own oneiric world.

Ⓒ Paola Ismene 2019